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After many years as a manufacturers representative, manufacturer and as a national & regional sales manager for plumbing manufacturers it became obvious to me that there had to be a better way for manufacturers to get accurate, current information about reps. The same also applies to the representatives who would like to have accurate, current information available to manufacturers that are looking for representation.

The advent and now wide spread use of the internet world wide web has made it possible for the accurate, current, exchange of information. The internet made Repfind.com possible.

Reps can now keep their agency information, literally on a daily basis, up-to-date for prospective manufacturers to view ...no more guessing on 'who reps what'. In addition to the rep listings, manufacturers can place free rep wanted ads. These ads will hasten their search for a new rep and help keep territory 'down time' to a minimum.

I hope you will find Repfind a constant source of valuable information. Thank you for visiting.

Al Hass